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October 1 @ 5:00 pm
October 2 @ 11:00 am

MAN CAMP is an off-the-grid, primitive weekend camping experience for men 21 and older. It’s a break from the numbing grind of comfort and busyness. It’s like jumping in a sketchy van and ripping away to freedom. But in the woods, with a bunch of other guys ready to breathe some life into their lungs.

This isn’t a kumbaya-singing, sit-and-get, church camp. It’s a BYO-everything weekend, including food. This is your chance to show off your campfire/ camping stove cooking abilities, or your chance to learn. BYO food to cook, axes to throw, jerky to chew, and drinks to drink. You’ll ruck all of your gear into a 45-acre plot of land that includes 6 different camping sites, and will establish camp. Everything throughout the weekend is designed for maximum impact, even the down time.

If done right, you’ll come home changed and tired in the best possible way.

Cost: $30


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